Unique Features

MyTherapyTracker includes a whole host of features that make it uniquely suited for therapists.  Recording clinical notes and measuring outcomes has never been so simple.  Create reports and programmes with ease using embedded templates already done for you. Enjoy seamless collaborative practice by engaging the client and family in the therapeutic process.  Scroll down to have a look at some of the unique features that make MyTherapyTracker stand out from the competition.


Enhanced ClientView is here! Our unique ClientView feature allows parents, carers and clients to login securely and view additional notes written by the therapist specifically for them. For children, session summaries are designed for parents and carers to keep up to date on therapy progress.  For adult clients, this feature enhances communication and collaboration with carers or relatives.  ClientView also allows access to reports and targets as well as media files and resources.  This also supports your GDPR compliance by reducing the need to send patient identifiable information via e-mail.


Two- Way Media Sharing

Use this feature to meet all your collaborative practice needs.  You can upload photo or video files in order to evidence therapeutic progress or demonstrate techniques. Parents and carers can also upload short video clips to update you on their child’s progress at home.  Parents, carers and family members of adult clients will love the chance to become more involved in the intervention process, share and celebrate success.

Clinical Notes

You can access your clinical notes securely from anywhere using any device connected to the internet including laptop, personal computer (best results via Google Chrome) as well as apple and android mobile phones and tablets.  Your notes are stored according to legal data & security storage requirements to help you keep your data management in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect in May 2018.


Create, monitor and update progress on all targets using the visual indicator. You can archive targets once they have been achieved, and create pdf documents for targets which are generated in seconds and ready to be printed and shared. You can also send target documents straight from MyTherapyTracker by sending a pdf or a notification that a target document is ready.  All documents sent from MyTherapyTracker are sent securely and protected by industry standard end to end encryption.


Use the simple report templates to create a formatted report with ease. You do not have to spend any time creating new templates as it is all done for you.  Instantly generate a pdf report ready to print.  You can send reports or notifications directly from the platform secured with industry standard End to End encryption.

IPA Transcription

International Phonetic Alphabet Transcription is specifically designed for speech and language therapists. This an invaluable resource to ensure that reports and targets can be clear and accurate when recording speech sound transcription. There is also a reference guide to support your transcription.


Create and send invoices seamlessly without the need to leave the patient’s record or logon to another system.  Invoices can be itemised according to the services you provide with a simple button to add VAT should you need it. Using this feature will save you both time and money, as there is no need to subscribe to a separate accounting product.  You can print and send invoices as required while keeping a secure record of all of your invoices ready for submission of your personal or company accounts.

Coming Soon! 


Something Missing? Speak to us about our bespoke services. We want MyTherapyTracker to meet all of your practice needs, so if we can add your ideas to the development plan, we will!

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