How Therapy is Evolving

We find ourselves in exceptional times across the world, and this has impacted everyone in many ways.  One way, it has affected the therapy world, is that many therapists are moving to online systems to support being able to continue to provide support for families.  As therapists, we are used to adapting within therapy, but this current challenge involves technology as a tool to make this happen by incorporating online solutions.  We know that this can be a steep learning curve, but we know that as a therapist, your special gift is being able to adapt and relate to any individual on their level so you already have the tools in your toolkit to not only survive in this situation but thrive.

TelePractice is part of the future of therapy. There are many ways it can have a positive impact on therapy practice.

  • It can help Reduce Cancellations so that an online session can take place instead of a face to face session if anything happens
  • Solving Geographical Issues, it can allow individuals to work with the therapist of their choice.
  • It Reduces Travel for both therapist and client and can Increase Affordabilityof services.
  • It allows for Increased Access to therapy by nature of its flexibility.
  • Today’s children are Geared up for Technology so this plays to their strengths.
  • Being Green reduces the collective carbon footprint.

How MyTherapyTracker Can Help You

We know the challenges facing therapists right now and we know how important it is to keep supporting our clients. So we decided to find an integration that would enhance therapy practice for all MyTherapyTracker subscribers.  The mission of MyTherapyTracker has always been to make collaboration and connection with clients easier while maintaining security.  Security is essential to the confidential work of a therapist and thus should be the first priority in choosing any technology used within therapy.

Integration with the Jitsi App

Jitsi is a secure video conferencing application which integrates with MyTherapyTracker but it is a separate system. Jitsi is an award-winning video conferencing software so it has the standard features of video conferencing systems including: screen sharing and remote-control access.  You can use it with all of your favourite applications such as PowerPoint, Symplify and Boom Cards as well as a variety of other interactive whiteboard programmes and applications.


We chose Jitsi because it offers end to end encryption for 1:1 meetings, unlike some other video conferencing platforms.


About Jitsi Security

  • Jitsi meetings are Private by Design. Meeting rooms only exist while the meeting is actually taking place and are destroyed when they finish.
  • End to End Encryption: This means ALL 1:1 Meetings are encrypted from the sender to the receiver! Currently the group meeting end to end encryption is still under construction but likely to be available soon.
  • Unique Link generated securely within MyTherapyTracker for every session.

Additional Layers of Security

  • Add a password for increased security (which can be created once the therapist launches the meeting).
  • You can also use ClientView to give the meeting ID or link to parents by storing the details in a session note so that they have to login in order to access.

Top Tips

  • Download the Jitsi App first (especially for iPad or tablet). This adds increased functionality and control.
  • Internet Connection and Speed: Make sure it is strong and fast.
  • A Note about Recording Whilst we do not recommend recording long segments to upload onto MyTherapyTracker as they are too big and too long to be useful for the therapeutic process. Short clips are ok though.   The great thing about Jisti is they do not store your recordings on their cloud as soon as they are downloaded onto your cloud storage system i.e. dropbox.  This means that you are fully in control of your shared data unlike other platforms.

**Download our Handy Guides to help you Get Started!**

TelePractice via MTT Guide

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