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Our Unique ClientView Portal means you Stay Connected

  • Secure Media Sharing: Documents – Images – Videos
  • Save paper and storage costs with secure electronic records
  • Reduce Admin Time and spend more time with clients.
  • Keep GDPR compliant Records

About MyTherapyTracker

MyTherapyTracker is a web-based electronic patient record software which was designed by speech and language therapists for therapists of all disciplines.  MyTherapyTracker is a complete therapy management solution which is clean and simple and includes all the important features to make patient data management efficient and secure.  MyTherapyTracker can be personalised for your therapeutic discipline and tailored to your branding and specific features of your business.


Why choose MyTherapyTracker?

How would you like to reduce the time you spend on admin?  What about reducing your paper or electronic storage? Switching to a cloud based system keeps all of your records in one place and can be accessed whenever you need them.  With everything you need in one place, you can streamline your time spent writing notes and reports, booking appointments and managing your caseload.  You need a data management system that is tailored to your professional needs and works efficiently for you giving you more time to spend with your clients.


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